In The First Waking Moments​.​.​. (The Making of "In The Last Waking Moments​.​.​.​" Demos & Alternate Tracks)

by Edison's Children



On 11.11.11 Pete Trewavas (Marillion/Transatlantic) and Eric Blackwood (Blackwood & Foti/Sunblister) of Edison's Children released the Single "Dusk" and on 11.18.11 came the full CD "In The Last Waking Moments"... this epic record over the course of the past full year has gotten more 5 star reviews than nearly any progressive rock release in over a decade. Today, we celebrate this record with this new CD "In The First Waking Moments... The Making of ITLWM". A collection of the demos as they originally began. When Pete Trewavas was still the lead vocalist of A Million Miles Away and Eric had yet to put down his famed "Smokey Bar-room" style vocal. When Eric Blackwood was still the lead vocalist on Outerspaced (and still entitled Blackwater) and put through a vocal effort that would scare small children (and large ones). The Awakening was still called Squonkie 12.9 and didn't yet have the song "Slow Burn" in the middle but instead... "The Longing" which was pulled at the last minute to be used on Edison's Children's NEXT album. The lead was still 2 epic outro lead was 2 minutes longer before Pete gave it a haircut. The Legend of Irene... recorded during hurricane Irene on a simple iPhone, this is the only known version of the song in existance. The goofy blues tune by Fuzzy Waters (as they Pete and Eric rename themselves for the day), this is Pete and Eric letting off some steam in between some pretty intense writing and recording sessions.
Did you know that Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood had an entire albums worth of music written before the famed "Mont Saint Sauveur Sessions" including the 25 minute "Silhouette" but at the last minute, changed the album completely... all based on a single little song that Eric played for Pete? The song was Fracture 1.0. When Pete heard the song, he began writing pieces into it and together they wrote new songs around it, and by the time the Montreal 2011 Convention came, there was an entirely new album's worth of music written. All of the previously written songs were scrapped and the new "In The Last Waking Moments..." came to be. For the first time ever, you can hear Fracture, exactly as Pete Trewavas heard it that day that changed everything!

We hope you like this collection of material. There is so much more music in different stages of its life. You will hear them all right now... on In The First Waking Moments...

(Please note that the sound quality of these songs are demos mixed down by Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood and Mastered by Eric Blackwood... not Mike Hunter and Robin Boult or John Mitchell. These will not be of the same sonic quality as previous Edison's Children releases).
All proceeds go towards the making of the new Full Edison's Children record.


released November 11, 2012

Pete Trewavas
Eric Pastore


all rights reserved


Track Name: Dusk (The Sugar Loaf Sessions)
- Twisted
Don't Know Where The Hell I Am
- Blinded
Will I Ever See You Again
- Silent
The Secret That I Harbor Deep Within
- Violence
Hang On It's About To Begin

- Winter
Cold as the Nor'eastern Wind
- Bitter
So Ugly Just Under the Skin
- Distant
I Know That I Will Never Again go Home
- All That's Inside
Drains Into The Winter Snows

- Haunted
This Darkness is Overwhelming Me
- Wasted
Is This What I Was Really Meant To Be
- Broken
Left and Abandoned Here to Rust
- Leave Now
Before The Rising of the Dusk
Track Name: Fracture (1.0 - Original Eric Blackwood Version)
A laser beam
Like out of a dream
Muted screams
Like a movie theme
Light up the sky
Light up the skies…
Don’t pretend I know the answers
Don’t you kid yourself
Maybe you’re the reason you’re self destructing
Is you were always meant to die…
Track Name: A Million Miles Away (1.9 Pete Trewavas Lead Vox)
I Wish I Had A Time Machine
So I wouldn't have to dream
But I understand you need to be
A Million Miles Away From Me

The sky was so brilliant blue
And I was lost in the sunshine of you
And it's another sunny day
But you're A Million Miles Away

I Wish I knew how to change your mind
The way it has a thousand times
I remember how it felt that day
When you looked at me that way

I Wish I had a Time Machine
So I wouldn't have to dream
But I understand your need to be
A Million Miles Away from me

And sometime you will wake up
and this will all have gone away
It's time to make your mind up
Because that someday is today

I wish I had A Time Machine
So I Could finally end this dream
I know you have to be
A Million Miles Away
...from me
Track Name: Blackwater (Outerspaced - Eric Blackwood Lead Vox)
Hey there big daddy
We all come in peace
come on down and feel the music rising off the street
aw come on, let's all get along, take off..

Take it to the sky
How high can we fly
Let's ride.

Welcome to our earth
Try some of this
Knock back a few of these, lets get intergalactic pissed.

Let's all get along take off.
Take it to the sky
How high can we fly let's ride

We've got happy trees
The kindest of all herb
Send you back to outerspace without leaving earth
Track Name: Spiraling (Pre-Rothers Mix)
sail along
going nowhere
after all
you were already there

adrift in space
through the milky way
to the promised land

floating past
the great expanse of your own head

celestial sea
across the heavens
a journey from
what i've become
the emptiness

through the void
of celluloid
to the darkness
it won't be long
before i've gone
past the conscious

you better not wait too long...
you better not take too long...

you better not take too long...
you better not wait too long...

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