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The Seventh Sign (Single Edit) - Free Download

by Edison's Children



The Seventh Sign is a 4 part excerpt off of the 67 minute long 13 part song "Silhouette" from the album "The Final Breath Before November" by Edison's Children


The Seventh Sign

-- i. the wrong

When I looked that sky it was from the wrong side of the rainbow
The rains had all gone but the sun refused to shine

The forest before the Trees, Burned to Ash And Embers
As the Calm before the storm brought turbulence to the great divide

ii/ - The Acolyte

Don’tcha want to see it?
Don’tcha want to be it?
Don’tcha want to need it?
Don’tcha want to bleed it?
Don’tcha want to heed it?
Don’tcha want to seed it?
Don’tcha want to feed it?
Don’tcha want to eat it?

iii. - The Hollows

From Miles Away…
From Mountains to Borders
The Storms would rise across horizons into skies

A seer’s gaze
Looked down upon the Hollows
Only to Fathom
It will never again be the same.

iv. - The Road (Less Traveled)

The road less traveled
Had arrived at its destination
There was no place like home
Left for us to reside

And the show that must go on
Had Completed it’s final performance
The darkness before the dawn
Would never give way to light…
from The Final Breath Before November, released 13 December 2013
The Seventh Sign


released January 15, 2014
The Seventh Sign

- i. The Wrong

Lead Vox: Eric
Backing Vox: Pete
Lead Guitar: Eric
2nd Lead Guitar: Pete
Rhythm Acoustic Guitar: Pete
Rhythm Electric Guitar: Pete
Bass: Pete
Drums: Henry Rogers

-ii. The Acolyte

Whispering Vox: Eric
“Silhouette V-Guitar”: Eric
Electric Guitars & FX: Eric
Rhythm Guitar: Eric
Bass: Eric
Paraglider Gtr: Eric
Drums: Henry Rogers

-iii. The Hollows

Lead Vox: Pete
Backing Vox: Pete
12 string guitar: Pete
High Pitch: Pete
Drums: Henry Rogers

-iv. The Road (Less Traveled)

Lead Vox: Eric
Backing Vox: Pete
Lead Guitar: Pete
Electric Guitar: Pete
Acoustic Guitar: Pete
Bass: Pete
Drums: Henry Rogers

Mixed by John Mitchell @ Outhouse Studios - Reading UK
Recorded at Castle Edison - Endless Mountains Region Pennsylvania
Englineered by Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood
Produced by Edison's Children


all rights reserved


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